Jorafarm and Associates started in 2005. It has mainly been involved in apiculture. Seminars and workshops aimed at helping unemployed youths and rural people most especially girls and women. The initiative started with two youths, since then, over 30 youths have been trained in beekeeping. The organization currently receives resource material from Bees for Development, UK, an organization supporting beekeepers in developing countries. The materials are distributed free of charge to the trainees. The organisation equips the youths by training them in beekeeping. The organisation is gender inclusive as females are also giving equal opportunities.

Jorafarm and Associates is focuses on skills development and capacity building of youths, retirees and women farmers to contribute to apiculture. If these youths are well trained, there will be reduction in poverty and social vices. Jorafarm and Associates have been organising free seminars and workshop for youths interested in apiculture. Our focus is to reveal to them how they can make money from apiculture and be financially stable with minimal investment. This aspect pf agriculture also allows you to focus on other activities as it requires less time for inspection.