Our Team
Our Team

Akande Ayoade- Chief Operations/Field Officer

Ayoade Akande (Coordinator/President)
Ayoade Akande (Field Officer)

Ayoade Akande has over thirteen (13) years of experience in beekeeping. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry from the Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria and later went on to obtain Postgraduate degree in Crop, Soil, and Pest management from the Federal University of Technology, Akure in Nigeria. While working as a beekeeper he has helped improve the living standards and health of rural dwellers and youths living in South-western Nigeria. Ayoade began his social work at an early stage in his Bachelor’s degree training. Ayoade has volunteered to train and educate youths on agribusiness most especially beekeeping. Through these experiences, he developed strong project coordination and implementation skills. Ayoade has a strong passion for youth empowerment and poverty reduction. He has been able to train over 30 youths in beekeeping. He receives support yearly from Bees for Development, UK. He organises trainings and workshop on beekeeping free- of-charge four (4) times in a year.

In April 2014, with partnership form Bees Abroad, UK, he was able to train 6 youths (3 females and 3 males) in beekeeping. They will now in turn train other youths. The project is still ongoing. He also helps people to manage their apiaries at little or no cost. He promotes production of unadulterated honey in order to safe guard people’s health. He is very passionate about beekeeping.

He also attended the Apimodia Conference held in South Korea in 2015.